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Well, truth be told, Penny, Ken, and Joe of Reverend Guitars are true Guardians who support this site, but they also make awesome guitars (and pickups) that you should know about, so I’m certainly not going to ban their news releases because someone might accuse me of business favoritism.

Wait. What am I talking about? I own a Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Dirtbike, and I adore it, so maybe I am favoring the company. Now that I’ve dealt with editorial transparency, I will say once again: Reverend makes awesome guitars, and you should know about everything they release, because, at some point, you might thank me for turning you on to your new best musical friend.

So please consider this a public-service announcement, as I just received the latest Summer NAMM releases from Penny about the newest additions to the Reverend line.




It’s no secret that Reeves Gabrels is one of my all-time favorite guitarists, so let’s start here. (Yeah, favoritism in action again!) The Deluxe Special Edition Reverend RGX celebrates the tenth anniversary of Gabrels’ collaboration with Reverend on his signature models, and it features a transparent, black-flame-maple over korina body with “RGX” engraved on the fretboard, as well as his signature Railhammer pickups in brushed nickel, a pau ferro fretboard, a Wilkinson tremolo (routed underneath for extra travel), and a push-pull phase switch in the tone-control knob. Click here for more info!



This new addition to the Charger line includes a Railhammer Hyper Vintage humbucker (bridge), a Railhammer Nuevo 90 (neck), a flame-maple top (in transparent black, transparent blue, or coffee burst), a korina body, dark-roasted maple necks, a Boneite nut, locking tuners, and Reverend’s Bass Contour Control. Click here for more info!



It’s back! Modeled after the limited-edition semi-hollow Manta Ray 390 LE, the production model Manta Ray 390 has three of Reverend’s P90 pickups. The bridge pickup has a raw and classic tone that’s wound slightly hotter and thicker-sounding than a vintage P90. The middle and neck pickups possess a more clear, clean, and open tone than vintage P90s, and the middle pickup is RWRP for hum cancelling when used with either the bridge or neck pickup. Available colors are Mulberry Mist, Metallic Alpine, and Midnight Black. Find out more!

Stay tuned to Guardians of Guitar for our picks of Summer NAMM 2019 (July 18-20), as well as a comprehensive story on our friends at Reverend.

Author: Michael Molenda

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