Who Says Guitar Solos are “Finished?”

More click bait from the corporate revenue hounds at RollingStone.com? Sigh.

Yep. It’s right here. CLICK TO READ.

Publishing is tough these days, and that’s no joke. (I mean, I was “made redundant” at Guitar Player due to the revenue challenges faces by new owners Future U.K.) But I laughed a bit when I saw this article. Is this yet another version of those “Is the Guitar Dead?” stories from 2017 and 2018?

While I certainly don’t want to lend any credence to such dribble, so many players of all ages and styles have batted away those “terminal illness of the guitar” stories by getting out there on stages, on YouTube, via social networks, and through venues other than the pop-radio streams that my generation depended on decades ago. Things change. It don’t mean guitar is six-feet under.

We also loved this line from the article: “It’s hard not to think that the tradition is a cultural relic, as well as a musical one. Is there anything more male and (largely) white than a guitar solo? “

What? I’m sure all of today’s fierce female guitarists—as well as the hordes of non-caucasian players celebrating the guitar solo from ages ago until now—would giggle at that comment.

I worked for a guitar magazine, and, yes, as with many American industries, males absolutely dominated the guitar media the past few decades. That sucked. But it’s a different game today, and I celebrate and salute the many women (of all ages) who have kicked the old-school, sexist image of guitar solos being “male” to the curb.

To the GoG team, THAT’s the healthy and thrilling guitar landscape of today—a realm of musical possibilities forged by females, males, youngsters, teens, senior citizens, weekend warriors, pros, gigging grunts, aspiring newbies, and people of all races and backgrounds. Solos finished? Crap. With so many disparate players now engaging decades of guitar knowledge and music, as well as deploying technology to craft unique and compelling sounds (or, sure, even vintage tones if they so desire), the guitar is, we believe, in a pretty awesome place. We’re just getting started!


Let’s have some fun with this, and show the world that guitarists still adore guitar solos!!

Author: Michael Molenda

Founder of Guardians of Guitar. Longest-serving Editor in Chief of GUITAR PLAYER (1997-2018). Long live Link Wray and Mick Ronson!

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  1. We still gotta get Mr. Link Wray in the Rock n Roll Hall……

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