A Beginner’s Guide to Alternate Tuning

Solo artist, rockin’ guitarist, songwriter, author of Guitar for Girls [Hal Leonard], and first-generation Guardian of Guitar Ali Handal is offering her second Play Better lesson for the site—a groovy beginner’s guide to alternate tunings.

Ali’s eight-minute introductory lesson encourages you to erase the fear of moving those tuning pegs to different tonal universes. It’s worth the trip. A fair share of your favorite classic songs likely involve alternate tunings (Google that!), and even if you’re not seeking to accurately perform “Kashmir” (Led Zeppelin, DADGAD) or “Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine, Drop-D), deploying alternate tunings can inspire new songs and unique riffs.

If you want to add significantly to your guitar trick bag, get started on your alternate-tuning journey right here!

Learn It!

Author: Michael Molenda

Founder of Guardians of Guitar. Longest-serving Editor in Chief of GUITAR PLAYER (1997-2018). Long live Link Wray and Mick Ronson!

2 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Alternate Tuning

  1. Thanks for sharing this great video. I’ve played a long time but have only tried E tuning (Melissa!) before. Given how long I have been playing I am almost embarrassed to admit that but I will definitely give both tunings a try now.

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