Mortal + Immortal Guitars #2: Carlos Cavazo’s Gibson Flying V and Jackson Soloist

Here’s the second installment of Lisa S. Johnson‘s video documentary on the creation of her new photography book Mortal + Immortal Guitars—which is set for a fall 2020 release. This time, Johnson and Lonn Friend talk to Quiet Riot and Ratt guitarist Carlos Cavazo about his Gibson Flying V and Jackson Soloist.

“Carlos is a quiet man who likes to play loud,” says Johnson, “which was apparent in 1982, when he took over from Randy Rhoads in Quiet Riot. A mutual friend put us in touch, and we met up at his Los Angeles home to discuss his guitars. I left an hour later, entrusted with a his Flying V and Soloist so I could have my way with them at my home studio for a few days. I captured every nick and scratch from his days on the road with Quiet Riot, RATT, and his current band, Rough Riot. We caught up again at NAMM 2019, and we talked about when his Dad got him his first guitar—a Teisco Del Rey—in a pawnshop, how he acquired his 1983 Flying V in trade with a fan, and why his Soloist is green. The cool straps in the photo are by Los Angeles leather tool man, Al Bane.”

To check out Johnson’s 2013 book—108 Rock Star Guitars—click here!

Author: Michael Molenda

Founder of Guardians of Guitar. Longest-serving Editor in Chief of GUITAR PLAYER (1997-2018). Long live Link Wray and Mick Ronson!

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