Guardians Playlist: Oft-Forgotten Guitarists of the ’70s

Zal Cleminson, Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Nurtured, informed, and emboldened by the guitar explosion of the ’60s, as the 1970s unfolded, so did the progression of transcendent guitarists—many of whom created the soundtracks of a generation. (Apologies for the cliche there, but it’s true.) Some of these players went on to solidify their legendary status, and others…

Well, let’s just say you might be able to win bar bets with them. “So what was the name of the guitarist who played on ‘Hocus Pocus?'” No idea? Pay up!

Recognition throughout the ages certainly helps define a “legend,” but it doesn’t mean those guitarists slipping unmentioned from the tip of your tongue—or lost in the fog of memory—are unworthy of praise, study, and honors.

To raise a glass to some guitar players who may be rather “under-lauded” for their amazing musicianship here in the year 2019, I’ve made a Spotify playlist of a few of the 6-string heroes whose licks, riffs, and solos I loved like crazy back in the day. Have fun listening…

[1] “Vambo Marble Eye” / Guitarist: Zal Cleminson

[2] “Hocus Pocus” / Guitarist: Jan Akkerman

[3] “Shake the Devil” / Guitarist: Tommy Bolin

[4] “Nervous Breakdown” / Guitarist: Greg Ginn

[5] “Hold Me Back” / Guitarist: Ollie Halsall

[6] “Sea Nature” /Guitarist: Steve Hillage

[7] “Lost in the Ozone” / Guitarist: Bill Kirchen

[8] “Badge” / Guitarist: June Millington

[9] “Willie Nelson” / Guitarist: Sonny Sharrock

[10] “Human Fly” / Guitarist: Poison Ivy

[11] “Hero” / Guitarist: Michael Rother


Many thanks to 2007 Guitar Player‘s Guitar Superstar finalist Curtis Fornadley for pushing me to start sharing Spotify playlists here at Guardians of Guitar.

Author: Michael Molenda

Founder of Guardians of Guitar. Longest-serving Editor in Chief of GUITAR PLAYER (1997-2018). Long live Link Wray and Mick Ronson!

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